Twitter Is Immortal

Twitter can never die.

Twitter is the conversation hub of the web. It’s fast-paced, to the point and highly social. It’s like a diary in your pocket, however, like a diary, one must be careful of what they say because the internet last forever. With screen capturing technology inherent to smart phones nowadays, any tweet can be saved at the blink of an eye. But on to something level dark, and unsettling, Twitter really brings the best and funniest movements right to you to enjoy and later reminisce. Recently, March Madness had its final four face off this past weekend. North Carolina was in the finals with Michael Jordan, the father of the game, himself was there watching. Through the grape vines, people started teasing at the idea of North Caroline losing and that the Jordan Crying meme would take over the internet. Well guess what, it did. Here are some of the best memes from that night:




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