Music In Today’s Society

Music today is light years away from what it was,especially with hip hip. Hip hop doesn’t even contain itself to its own genre now that singing, and falsettos, and acoustics and deeper and stronger bass are acquired, if not, expected in songs today. Roll outs for albums were something of the past where there were months upon months of build up to a specific date, until Beyoncé decided to change that with her fifth studio album, Beyoncé. And then Drake was next to change the rap game and put a staple to his name that he is part of that upper echelon with his mixtape/album If You’re Reading This It’s Too late.

Kanye West

However, that is not where album releases stopped. In fact, Kanye brought something entirely new and bizzare to the forefront with his latest album T.L.O.P.  Can you guess what T.L.O.P. stands for? Neither could the 3,500 comments on a Reddit post. Kanye made it a game. He made it an ongoing piece of art. Changed the name from So Help Me God to SWISH to WAVES and almost back to SWISH until he settled for The Life Of Pablo.

What do you guys think of the name? Be sure to check out our poll!

But the madness did not stop there. When I say it was an ongoing piece of art, it is still, to this day, being refined and fine tuned to perfection. As of last Thursday, March 31st, 2016, Kanye has put his final touch upon Pablo only to make a post on twitter if we liked the final version of Wolves.wolves

It’s interesting to see how music today is rolled out. Is it because of the power of the internet and social media where things are gone before they come? Where in order to stay relevant, you must go up and beyond and some? Well, with Drake’s most highly anticipated album Views From the Six around the corner, there has been a disgusting amount of leaks that makes you question if it is intentional, if there’s a rat, or if the songs will even be on the studio album? Regardless, we will be waiting impatiently to hear.tumblr_ngau38iY3N1r0isxdo1_1280

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